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For ages, in the science of Psychology, debates have been discussed between “Nature” vs. “Nurture.”  Nature in this context means your genetics, your innate attributes that make up who you are from the beginning of your conception, the time you were embraced naturally in the womb.  Nurture has to do with your environment.  Your personal experiences as a young child and going throughout the developmental periods of your life and how they have all effected you.  What has been argued is this: What makes a person who they are, Nature, Nurture or a combination.


Our stand point here at Nature To Nurture is this: both, but it goes deeper.  From the realm of the healing profession we have learned a very powerful tool that is available for all healing professionals to gain awareness from.  It is called “Epigenetics.”  This I learned from BioPsychology and is the study of HOW THE EXPRESSION OF GENES ARE LITERALLY TRANSFORMED BY YOUR ENVIRONMENT!  So, with that said, a person who receives massage regularly, juices regularly, does yoga regularly, meditates regularly, in effect, can literally CHANGE HOW YOUR DNA IS EXPRESSED.  Meaning, you had at birth, the DNA of a meth addict mother and alcoholic father, does not mean you are destined for doom.  Your DNA will stay the same but Dr. Bruce Lipton the pioneer scientist behind Epigenetics (meaning “Above Genetics”) shows that when the environment changes this DNA, the phenotype or expression also changes meaning an “unhealthy” DNA can transform to be expressed as strong and healthy through the lifestyle it lives!  Now that is a powerful science ALL healers need to realize.  That is why we are in this business.  So, that is why our business is not named “Nature AND Nurture.  There was a reason we called it “Nature TO Nurture.  Through love, affection, self-empowerment, others-awareness and love of the spiritual nature of things, we can and will move from Nature TO Nurture and CHANGE THE WORLD FROM EVERY EXPRESSIVE MOLECULE OF DNA AS WE KNOW IT.  Think what this means for our children, and all the generations after us.   Born with crappy genes?  WE HAVE THE POWER TO LITERALLY CHANGE THEIR EXPRESSION WHICH MEANS OUR HEALTH!  Wow.  Come in and explore the healing we are manifesting here at Nature To Nurture.


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